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Council Meetings

Every Month - 3rd Tuesday (11:30 a.m.) at the Cedar Rock Country Club

State of Emergency

Letter to Residents
Firewise Tips

Evacuation Plan

Agendas & Minutes

Bob Floyd, Jr.


Pamela Mayberry, Council/Town Clerk
Nelson Brookshire
Howard Edwards
Ernie McAteer
Mike Shows

Planning Board (Planning Board meets as necessary)

Robin Shows, Chair
Mike McClinton
Randy Dula
Steve Libera
Nelson Brookshire
Bill Griffin
Becky Aderholt

Firewise Committee (More Info)

Nelson Brookshire, Chairperson
Joyce McCormick
Mike McClinton
Dick Mitchell
Sarah Sponenberg
Ken Turner
(In cooperation with Justin Query, NC Forest Service Wildfire Mitigation Officer and Ethan Matherly, Caldwell County Ranger)