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The Village of Cedar Rock Achieves Firewise Community Status

Special Message from the

Village of Cedar Rock Firewise Committee

The recent fire caused by wind blowing over a tree onto a power line in the Cedar Rock Circle area adjacent to the Village reminds us that a wildfire can occur any time. Your Cedar Rock Firewise Committee recommends that you take this opportunity to evaluate ways you can protect your home, property, and family from danger. The information below details some of the actions you can take. Thank you.


Quick and Easy Wildfire Protection Tips

The following suggestions are being provided as some of the ways you can mitigate the chance of Joss of property and life in the event of a wildfire. Any action you take will impact your Village neighbors as well.

  • Clean out gutters and remove accumulated material from your roof.

  • Remove flammable material and debris that is Jess than 5 feet from your home's perimeter.

  • Remove flammable material and debris especially from under decks.

  • Remove firewood, fuel and easily removed propane tanks at least 30 feet away from your home where possible.

  • Use 411 reflective house numbers for easy location by the fire department or other emergency vehicles.

  • When making repairs to your home, consider using fire-proof /resistant materials.

  • When landscaping consider using plants that are fire resistant.

Remember to periodically check the Village of Cedar Rock website for additional information. The site is:

Firewise Committee: Council Representative Pam Mayberry, Joyce McCormick, Kenneth Turner, Mike Mcclinton, Dick Mitchell, Becky Adderholdt, Nelson Brookshire, Chair


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