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The Village of Cedar Rock Achieves Firewise Community Status

Mayor Robert Floyd and the Village Council are pleased to announce that The Village of Cedar Rock has been approved as a Firewise Community by the Firewise USA program. A three-year plan was approved based the work of the following Firewise Committee members: Joyce McCormick, Mike McClinton, Dick Mitchell, Sarah Sponenberg, Ken Turner and Nelson Brookshire in cooperation with Justin Query, NC Forest Service Wildfire Mitigation Officer, and Ethan Matherly, Caldwell County Ranger.

The purpose of the program is to help citizens know how they can better protect their homes and lives through various fire mitigation activities. Although participation in the program by individual home/property owners is voluntary, the Firewise Committee recommends that residents consider implementing some or all of the following suggestions as appropriate:

Fire Mitigation Tips

  1. Keep leaves and debris from accumulating on roofs and in gutters.

  2. Remove debris and flammable materials from underneath decks and porches.

  3. Consider using pea gravel or some other non-flammable material instead of mulch around the perimeter of your home to create a small firebreak.

  4. Roof and attic vents should be screened to keep embers from entering through these openings.

  5. Homes actively using wood burning fireplaces should have a spark arrester installed on each applicable chimney.

  6. Place reflective 4” letters indicating your house number on your mailbox or in another highly visible location so emergency vehicles can easily identify your location in the event of fire or a medical emergency.

  7. Pre-determine the exit you will use in case of a forest fire. Typically you should use the way you come to and go from your home. If this route is blocked, use an alternate exit if possible. The Country Club parking lot is the suggested location to assemble should evacuation be necessary.

A few citizens have already had an Individual Home Assessment completed on the exterior of their homes. This checklist identifies the most appropriate and feasible actions you as a homeowner can take to improve the chances of keeping your home and life safe should a wildfire occur. You will be contacted at some point in the future to see if you are interested in completing a complimentary Individual Home Assessment.

Should you have questions, please contact any Firewise Committee member for assistance.

  • Nelson Brookshire, Chairperson

  • Joyce McCormick, Mike McClinton, Dick Mitchell, Sarah Sponenberg and Ken Turner

  • In cooperation with Justin Query, NC Forest Service Wildfire Mitigation Officer and Ethan Matherly, Caldwell County Ranger

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